Dr Nelson Presentation Sept 14 ,2016 (PDF, 1212 KB)

Understanding, Navigating and Influencing your Environment (PPTX, 5629 KB)

Becoming the Strategist (PPTX, 7742 KB)

Submit an Inspirational Quote (PDF, 182 KB)

2016 Professional Development Plan (PDF, 656 KB)

www.jscnma.com (PDF, 466 KB)

JSC Expected Behaviors (PPTX, 6073 KB)

JLT 2013 Action Status (PPTX, 67 KB)

JLT Action Team Communicating JSCs Mission and Strategy (PPTX, 11380 KB)

Dr Ellen Ochoa Presentation from 8/21/2013 NMA Luncheon (PPTX, 436 KB)

Presentation by Dr Bonnie Dunbar at June NMA Luncheon (PPTX, 5632 KB)

Human Element of Leadership PowerPoint -- from 5/7/13 Luncheon (PPTX, 4101 KB)

JSC NMA January 2012 Luncheon - Dr. Scott Van Beck (PDF, 284 KB)

National Management Association (NMA) Annual Conference (11-16-2011) (PPTX, 215 KB)

JSC NMA October 2011 Speaker- Bob Mitchell (BAHEP) (PDF, 355 KB)

Mike Coats’ NMA Executive of the Year Acceptance (DOCX, 26 KB)

JSC NMA September Luncheon - Speaker: Norm Smith, VP of SMITHOPS (PDF, 257 KB)

JSC NMA August 2011 Speaker - Mike Coats (PDF, 304 KB)

JSC NMA June 2011 - Jerry Groom on “A New Direction” (PDF, 378 KB)

JSC NMA May 2011 Luncheon - Christal M. Jackson (PDF, 332 KB)

JSC NMA April Luncheon - Bill Bolin (PDF, 307 KB)

JSC NMA April Luncheon - Bill Bolin (PDF, 307 KB)

March 2011 Speaker: Dr. Peter Bishop on 'The Challenge of Change' (PDF, 339 KB)

JSC NMA Feb11 Luncheon - Speaker: Bob Mitchell (PDF, 2791 KB)

JSC NMA January 2011 Speaker (PDF, 285 KB)

Professional Development Event -- October 28th (PDF, 1582 KB)

JSC NMA September Speaker: Dr. Mary Lynne Dittmar (PPSX, 239 KB)

Mike Coats August Event (PPSX, 488 KB)

NMA January Professional Development course (PDF, 375 KB)

NMA January Professional Development Guide (PDF, 695 KB)

NMA January Professional Development Advertisement (PDF, 67 KB)

NMA January Professional Development FPwk (PDF, 433 KB)

NMA January Professional Development Getmotivated (PDF, 366 KB)

SS Event Poster (JPG, 991 KB)

Leadership Development Rotation Panel (PPT, 5580 KB)

JSC Internal Communications Team - BWatkins (PPT, 13390 KB)

Leading Teams in Complex EnvironmentsHatfield (PPT, 3159 KB)

Developing Your Leadership Potential Natalie Saiz (PPT, 842 KB)

Bobby Watkins Bio (DOC, 2505 KB)

Natalie Saiz Bio (DOC, 58 KB)

Caris A (Skip) Hatfield (DOC, 29 KB)

Melba York Presentation - 10 Pretty Good Rules on Customer Relationships 72209 (PDF, 930 KB)

Jeff Davis Presentation - "What happened in Space Life Sciences and how did we respond to it?" 6/24/09 (PPT, 847 KB)

Gloria Stiner's "Perspectives on Leadership" (PPT, 414 KB)

Leadership Lessons from the Trauma Room (PPT, 3151 KB)

Letter from JSC NMA President Kim Morris (DOC, 33 KB)

Ellen Ochoa Presentation - 2/21/08 (DOC, 36 KB)

Gettysburg Two Case Studies (PPT, 9275 KB)

Gettysburg Half-Day Presentation (PPT, 14102 KB)

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